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The aim of the NeSECC Online Journal is to promote education and knowledge in the field of extracorporeal circulation. To meet this goal the editorial board of NeSECC publishes 'NeSECC Uptodate'. 'NeSECC Uptodate' contains original scientific articles, review articles, case reports, summaries of presentations as presented at NeSECC scientific meetings, product info and other perfusion related educational information.
This information is also available online in this section of our website. To make a contribution to the NeSECC Online Journal one is welcome to send in their articles. Instructions for publication can be found in the 'Information for Authors' section. When suitable, articles can also be published in the paper-version of the Journal.

For further information please email to redactie@nesecc.org

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NeSECC Editorial Board

ms K. Wierda, Editor in Chief
Heartcentre Friesland
Zorggroep Noorderbreedte, location MCL Zuid
Dept. of Extracorporeal circulation
Postbox 888
8901 BR Leeuwarden

phone +31 58 286 6666/7505

Information for authors

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